Thursday, 20 March 2014

Becoming a Networked Researcher, 2014

The Library works with the Researcher Development Team here at York, to deliver training on the aspects of Web 2.0 that impact on academia most. There's a whole suite of workshops around the idea of becoming a networked researcher - Russ Grant in RDT runs an introduction to social media, a session on enhancing your online reputation, and one on social networks for researchers (e.g ResearchGate,, and LinkedIn). I run the sessions on Blogs and Blogging, and Twitter.

Here are the slides from my sessions this term (the handouts we used are linked to at the relevant point in the slides):

(If you're interested in the teaching side of using Twitter, see our previous blog post on the subject!)

If you're interested in these, we're running the whole suite again next term - all the details are available via the Support for Researchers webpages:

In case you're still not sold, here are some comments from this term's feedback forms:
  • Great. Ready to conquer the blogging world! Thanks
  • Excellent session, well presented and very friendly. 
  • I finally understand what Twitter is, well done Ned! 
  • Totally recommended 
  • It saved me so much time, since I now know exactly the options I'm interested in… THANKS!
Hope to see some of you next term! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Using Twitter in Academic Teaching

Last week we ran a workshop for academics on behalf of the Learning & Teaching Forum.

It was all about using Twitter in teaching; there's a huge amount written about using it for research, for communications, for myriad aspects of HE. But teaching is a much trickier issue, for all sorts of reasons.

The slides below give an introduction to what Twitter is, how it works, and why you might want to use it. It then goes onto to explore specific uses for Twitter in an academic teaching context, and showcases various examples from York and elsewhere. Particular thanks go to Sara Perry for allowing me to use her as a case study!

The handout we used is also linked to, from the slides, at the appropriate place. This includes a guide to embedding a Twitter widget in a module on BlackBoard.

Clearly this is a popular subject as the slides have already been viewed several thousand times on Slideshare! Any questions, leave them in the comments.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A guide to social media for Music Students

We recently went into the Music Department to run a short workshop on the advantages social media might give musicians in building their professional reputations. A lot of the content applies to non-musicians too! Anyone in the Arts wanting to use social media in their career may find this useful.

You can see all of our Prezis here.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Student Guide to Social Media

The Student Guide to Social Media an interactive online resource, giving information on various social media platforms, and on tasks you can accomplish using social media - developed by the Libraries of the Universities of York, Leeds and Manchester.

Bookmark this link now: - it's really useful!

Increasingly the worlds of social media and academia are coming together. You probably use some social media already for personal (social) use, but it can have application in your University life - for helping you with your work, or boosting your profile and employability. The guide above lets you explore by platform (want to know more about Goolge+? Click the Google+ icon and you'll be told what it is, why it might be useful, how to get started with it) OR by task, by what you want to achieve - so if you want to keep up to date online, click the icon and the guide will tell you which tools will be helpful.

There's also a glossary of terms, some dos and don'ts - it's full of valuable information. Let us know what you think!