Friday, 12 October 2012

A brand new blog full of tips and techniques to help you study in the digital age

Welcome to the Digital Learning blog, written by the Information Department at the University of York. The point of this is to make you aware of tools and techniques useful for academic study in the Web 2.0 world.

Posts lined up for this coming term include finding high quality, copyright-free multimedia for use in your assignments, getting on Twitter and using it in the academic environment, making amazing presentations, using Evernote to sync your lecture notes to all your devices, and avoiding the Filter Bubble when using Google for academic search.

We'll get started properly next time out, but in the meantime we'd like to make sure you know about some really useful resources the Library provides at York.

Videos from the Library and IT

We have a YouTube channel which has loads of videos in the '1 minute on...' series - just a minute on things like how to connect to the wifi, how to take out books on the self-issue machines, how to get help in the Library and so on. You can visit the channel here

Here's a Virtual Tour of the Library, currently featured on our YouTube channel:

Online resources from the Library

At York we have Subject Guides - useful information about the resources for each subject, written by the specialist for that area in the Library. Each department has an Academic Liaison Librarian who looks after them and provides a point of contact between the department and the Library - there's a list of them here. They're the ones who make the guides.

As well as providing useful information on how to find books and journals, how to reference stuff, how Key Texts works and so on, these Subject Guides also provide access to high quality academic resources online - stuff Google can't find, and which we've paid for on your behalf. We spend literally millions of pounds on these resources each year, and they'll be really useful to your academic experience.

To find an A-Z list of all the resources we subscribe to online, and to browse the Subject Guides by department, go to

Social media from the Library and IT

As well as this blog, and the YouTube Channel mentioned above, the Library are also on Facebook and on Twitter - IT Services are on Facebook and on Twitter too - follow us to keep up to date with what's happening, and to get links to useful resources elsewhere.

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