Monday, 15 October 2012

Info tips for York students, BY York students...

Last week we asked our Twitter followers (we're @UoYLibrary - follow us now! We promise to tweet useful stuff...) what advice they'd give to the new crop of students joining the University. The replies were really useful - here's what was suggested:

So just to pick up on some of those things mentioned and give you some links: you can find more about Endnote here. It's a referencing tool that will save you a HUGE amount of time if you learn to use it early on, and IT-Services can help you with that. Here's some more info on Zotero, which serves a similar purpose, and was also mentioned above.

JSTOR came up a couple of times - it's a huge collection of online journals which people in the Arts & Humanities particularly end up using all the time. Here's a link to it; this is a special link which tells JSTOR you're from York (once you log-in with your IT username and password) so it doesn't charge you - we've already paid for it on your behalf. (If you go in via Google, JSTOR won't know you're a York student.) Another tweet mentioned Metalib and JSTOR - Metalib is a way to access loads of our online materials, but we're phasing it out; from now on, the best way to find what you need is via our E-resources guide. You can see all the resources listed A-Z, or pick by subject.

The other way to access electronic materials for your subject is via the Subject Guides homepage - just pick your department from the list, and explore the materials your Academic Liaison Librarian has put together.

(Oh, and here's the website for the Willow...)

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