Monday, 22 October 2012

Using Evernote to streamline your academic notes

Evernote is a really useful note-taking application that runs on lots of platforms at once, and syncs between them. So for example, you can have Evernote on your laptop, your PC at home or in halls, on your iPad and on your phone. When you make notes on any one of those they'll automatically sync to all the others, meaning you have all your lecture notes etc in one place, wherever you are.

We'd recommend giving it a go (and no, we're not on commission; it's free anyhow...) and you can download it in the app store, and via Evernote's website:

Four ways to get the most out of Evernote:

1. Take notes at events, lectures, seminars.. 
You can of course take notes on Word etc but then you may have to save them to a USB stick or email them to other devices later; with Evernote, the basic Word Proccessor it contains is fine for notes and it means as soon as you leave the lecture theatre they'll be waiting for you on your PC at home.

2. Use the camera
Evernote also allows you to use the camera on your phone or tablet as part of a note - so you can photograph diagrams, images, graphs etc during a lecture. You can even photograph text with it and, if its legible, Evernote will turn it into searchable text. So let's say you've photographed a room plan, or a handout, or a URL you don't have time to write down - later on you can just type in any word that appears in that photo into Evernote's searchbox, and it'll find the relevant image.

3. Combine it with Twitter
If you allow Evernote to access your Twitter account, you can then create notes in Evernote by putting @MyEn in a tweet, or Direct Messaging @MyEn. So if you want to check a link when you get home or read an article later (or just write yourself a to-do list on the fly) you do so using Twitter and the relevant information appears in a note. (A note on your desktop PC, your phone etc etc - you get the idea...)

4. Use it for really key info that you might need later
No one wants to laboriously copy out registration information, or timetables, or train ticket reference numbers, or any kind of detailed instructions, onto their phone - but it is useful to have them on your phone because you know you'll have that with you at all times. So copy that info into Evernote, press sync, and you're away.

Got any more tips for using Evernote? Let us know in a comment... 

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