Thursday, 14 November 2013

Student Guide to Social Media

The Student Guide to Social Media an interactive online resource, giving information on various social media platforms, and on tasks you can accomplish using social media - developed by the Libraries of the Universities of York, Leeds and Manchester.

Bookmark this link now: - it's really useful!

Increasingly the worlds of social media and academia are coming together. You probably use some social media already for personal (social) use, but it can have application in your University life - for helping you with your work, or boosting your profile and employability. The guide above lets you explore by platform (want to know more about Goolge+? Click the Google+ icon and you'll be told what it is, why it might be useful, how to get started with it) OR by task, by what you want to achieve - so if you want to keep up to date online, click the icon and the guide will tell you which tools will be helpful.

There's also a glossary of terms, some dos and don'ts - it's full of valuable information. Let us know what you think!

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