Thursday, 20 March 2014

Becoming a Networked Researcher, 2014

The Library works with the Researcher Development Team here at York, to deliver training on the aspects of Web 2.0 that impact on academia most. There's a whole suite of workshops around the idea of becoming a networked researcher - Russ Grant in RDT runs an introduction to social media, a session on enhancing your online reputation, and one on social networks for researchers (e.g ResearchGate,, and LinkedIn). I run the sessions on Blogs and Blogging, and Twitter.

Here are the slides from my sessions this term (the handouts we used are linked to at the relevant point in the slides):

(If you're interested in the teaching side of using Twitter, see our previous blog post on the subject!)

If you're interested in these, we're running the whole suite again next term - all the details are available via the Support for Researchers webpages:

In case you're still not sold, here are some comments from this term's feedback forms:
  • Great. Ready to conquer the blogging world! Thanks
  • Excellent session, well presented and very friendly. 
  • I finally understand what Twitter is, well done Ned! 
  • Totally recommended 
  • It saved me so much time, since I now know exactly the options I'm interested in… THANKS!
Hope to see some of you next term! 

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